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Tsuka No Ryuu____
_____Ryuu No Tsuka
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15th-May-2005 06:02 pm - Sasunaru Screencap
this is my first time posting in this comm
well, thi this isn't anything.. that yaoi
its just my stupid fangirl thoughts gone crazy >_<
so i was watching the naruto movie, and the part where sasuke give naruto the letter
makes me SQUEEE!!! and i came up with the follwing thing >_<
don't hit me >_<
sasuke's love letterCollapse )
11th-May-2005 06:18 pm - Rajipuri 110
HERE IT IS~~~ Rajipuri 110!!!!!
with my beloved buchou~~ kya~ 9232~ and ryoma(jun-chan~)
i uploaded to youshare because it have unlimited download...
ahh~ but it only have 1 day >_<
anyways, working on a IRC channel for my site and tenipuri fans
one day i'll be able to share all of them T_T

anyways, this rajipuri is SOOO FUNNY especially the music match!
i can't help but translate it >_<

all in the cut~
download link and translationCollapse )
6th-May-2005 03:08 pm - [Download]Oishi's TWO
sorry for the LATE update.... jeez it is REALLY LATE
anyways, here is oishi's TWO
GREAT SONGS! i mean its very upbeat, very summer!
and the lyrics is VERY CUTE!
so go to the cut and download

link to downloadCollapse )
first of all just want to say..... THESE ARE OFFICIAL PICTURE
yeah, so don't blame me, ryoma fans
so~ here it goes~
the icon i made with the new shounenjump cover......~ yeah

don't hit me!! i am not the one who made him look like that!
yeah so if you want to see the original cover, its in the cut
ShounenJump Cover with EVERYONE doing weird faceCollapse )
28th-Mar-2005 03:08 pm - Atobe Keigo's [Riyuu]
.... hisashiburi no update...
....... I don't know what to say, too much pain for me. its the first song i update in long time, why? because this might be the last.... i wanted to say nothing, do nothing and not update until everything is over.... it just hurts a lot for me even to update....
BUT! i heard the news if this cd sells well, there might be another atobe album, i am buying this cd, and i hope everyone else can also buy....
we all don't want tenipuri... our beloved tenipuri to end now....
this song, not only that its a great song, but just think about its the last.... i cry... unstoply.... and keigo's message to all the fans, he said: " i thought you are annoying at first, but now its different, because you are here, because of your support, I could get to where i am now... Thank You...."
that's not the complete translation, i'll put up the translation soon..... but doesn't that makes you cry?
P.S even though Riyuu and the first [Message From Keigo] will make you cry, especially the message... i'll be translating it. BUT! with [E Kimochi] and Message 2, you'll laugh so hard!!! especially Message 2 when keigo get a present from "MUNE-P" well, whoes this "MUNE-P"?, you'll find out in my translation~

download and translation of the messagesCollapse )
yeah~~ departures is up for download!!! but i still don't have [Seishun Glory]! BUT! i love departures' bonus track!!!!! its WAY TO CUTE!!!!!!

cut for download link and translation of FUNNY BUNUS TRACKCollapse )
13th-Jan-2005 03:20 pm - GOOD BYE TENIPURI?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?
this is the title and summery of episode 167 to 176......
and just looking at it, my tears is starting to fall.....
i don't know!!!! maybe i am just thinking too much?????
am i? is it really just me?????
please tell me YES!
i wish its only me, cause if it's true.... i don't know what i'll or can do....
maybe all i can do is cry.....

if u don't want to know, don't lookCollapse )

i hope it's not true....
but i still can't stop crying....

27th-Nov-2004 09:22 pm - Happy Birthday EIJI~~
and for that i put up the two kikumaru's birthday single & album
they are SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! check them out!

as for the tezuka graphics, i am working on them ^___^
love this episode for tons of sou/kazu-ness~ but also don't like for reason that i will say in the other cut. don't want people get mad at me, read if you want but don't get mad at me, i am just expressing my feelings. anyways... here's the summery.
WARNING! have plenty of yaoi related comment = =|||b

summery, screenshot, and commentCollapse )

Maya fan don't read!Collapse )

13th-Nov-2004 01:29 am - Tactics 6~ GOD GRANTED MY WISH?
love tactics, haruka and kantarou is just TOO CUTE! and i always thought there is things going on in between them! LIKE TOTALLY!!!! IT'S SO EASY TO SEE!!!!
especialy like ep 160 ^0^ i was laughing so hard, so haruka and kan-chan are researching on this ghost train thingy, and kan-chan try to stop the train but he couldn't and haruka tried, and he did it. so kan-chan ran over and huged haruka and HARUKA reached out his hand for kan-chan!!!

Read more...Collapse )


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